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Swallow kitchen POTS used method

Wok easy to destroy. Therefore, in the use of frying pan, must pay attention to the following seven points:
Frying pan 1, bought a new, need to brush some of the hard; the pot wall with fine porosity and water absorption pot can be filled with water, place 3 to 5 minutes, and then clean and dry stand-by. However, soaking time should not be too long. Casserole put something burning in the fire front, should also be the appearance of the water dry pot. Pan first use the newly bought, is best used for porridge, or use it to cook a boiled thick Taomi Shui to micro pore clogging, casserole, prevent seepage.
2, with the wok soup, stew, first to the wok of water, and then placed in the wok on the fire, first with the slow fire, then stir frying pan is something burning; when the pot of soup a little, need to add water, should not add cold water, add warm water or hot water; at the same time, a pot of soup is also not overflow in case of the pot outside, touch water burst.
3, if you are using a coal stove heating, to prevent the pan bottom and the coal offset.
4, pan crisp and easy to break, use should be handled with care.
Heat wok 5, has just run out, had better put in wood or straw rack or dry, do not put in the wetland, tile or cement, or sudden changes of temperature, frying pan is extremely easy to crack.
6, do not use the wok boil system Gaozi of viscous food.
7, pan wall with a color should not be stored wine, vinegar and Sour Beverage and food.
8, the special material to wait until the frying pan, wok cooling after cleaning. But can not use detergent soak, avoid the leakage of sewage into the wok pores, how it doesn't wash out. The washed wok until completely dry after the water can be collected, or it may grow spots mold.

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