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The classification of the hot pot - what is the soup pot, cold pot, etc
Hot pot prevailed from the 80's until now, the development change quickly. At present in the Sichuan has 40-50 different varieties in the shop management. The flavor and eating method and pot type is also increasing change. Although some similarities. But there are also differences. However, so far the industry has no clear classification or name. This is how to distinguish between the different Hot pot brought difficulty to people. Here is the current industry of Sichuan common name of the name to a brief. To distinguish between different kinds of hot pot.

Dry pot -- pot type is according to well after the. The pot dishes and spices without soup, thus the name. Eating is finished first do the dishes after ignition boiled vegetables and soup. Dry pot type Hot pot in general do not have material bowl. Such as dry pot chicken, spicy ribs.
The pot by pot type -- is well after the. Generally refers to the soup material, a dish with meat Hot pot bottom class. Eat food is on the table the ignition, bowls with no self. Operation of the average number of shares sold. Such as: beef soup pot, Hot pot chicken.

Cold pot -- pot of cold fish represented by. So eat and get a name. Way to eat is to start fresh after washing dishes. Due to the use of the iron, on the table before ignition, so the feeling of cold, in fact, at present Hot pot category is not very easy to clear the classification, cold pot from the pot type and eat can also be called a stockpot class.

Shabu Shabu -- refers to the material and the soup on the table against the good after the ignition of a class of Hot pot rinse food, such as spicy Hot pot, oil Hot pot etc.. All the above is to pan and eat to points. According to flavor type divided into spicy taste, smell, sour and spicy, pickled pepper flavor, litchi taste spicy, seafood, etc.

High -- cooking dishes and spices on refers to the pot on the table the ignition and braised food after a new variety of Hot pot. The species is now more popular in North China, East China area. It can also by chef in after the church through the production of braising method after the table to eat, such as yellow chicken stew.

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