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One kitchen utensils
Brush pot use less detergent
Iron wok is home to the most commonly used in cooking, in the purchase and use of some problems that need attention. Ordinary iron rust easily, if the human body to absorb too much iron oxide, or rust, it will cause harm to the liver. Experts say, iron rust easily, should not be food for the night. At the same time, as far as possible not to use iron soup, so as not to protect its iron surface rust layer of cooking oil disappear. Shuaguo should be minimal when using detergent, protective coating to prevent the brush was doing.

Insulation material package
In the purchase of iron, must first have a look pan surface is smooth, and then have a look whether there are holes and leakage. Under normal circumstances, iron just use are some rough, it is inevitable, with a long time will become smooth. Pan pan ear with the best package wood or other insulating materials, so to avoid during operation because the wok ear high temperature scald.

Remove the wok taste
New wok before use to remove iron smell. In the pot add salt, salt fried yellow, then add water and oil in the pot boil. To get rid of the smell, can put a little tea in the pot, add water to boil. To remove iron taste, you can put some boiled potato peel.

Not cook acidic fruit
In addition, should not use the wok cooking Yangmei, hawthorn, Begonia and other acidic fruits. Because these acidic fruit contains acid, iron after the encounter will cause chemical reactions, resulting in low iron compounds, after eating may cause poisoning. Cook the mung bean also avoid using iron, because of a chemical reaction occurs in the hull contains tannin in iron, forming a black tannin iron, and the mung bean soup into a black, affect the taste and the body's digestion and absorption.

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